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Event Evaluation & Design

Together, we create new strategies that grow your revenues, reduce costs, streamline operations and improve your customers’ experience.

Tradeshow Logic’s proven method identifies pain points, discovers improvement opportunities and uncovers unrealized needs. This information gives rise to the ideas and strategies that lead us to the refining of your existing programs and the development of transformative tactics, solutions, features, and services.

Event Technology

Our cutting-edge technologies, TL Online™, TL Event Specs™, TL Sales™ and TL Maps™, make your event easier to plan and execute. These services give you full visibility into all event activities. They also streamline and automate paper trails. All products are accessed through the cloud and used within your current provider environment.

Event Transformation Objectives

increase the perceived value of the event

help exhibitors better track and measure results

reduce exhibitor costs and ease the experience

Event Transformation Process

Our experienced team allows us the opportunity to share best practices, industry trends, and lessons learned across multiple industries. We are able to look at your event from a holistic point of view to improve the cycle of the show. We connect exhibitors and attendees and improve the experience for everyone involved.

Let us take the stress out of the strategic process by consulting with you on key issues and providing independent advice. Armed with this knowledge you can comfortably make better informed decisions.