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giving exhibitors the experience they deserve

Do you ever wish you had someone who could not only hand-pick all of your vendors AND manage the whole event process from start to finish? Tradeshow Logic is the only event management company with an in-house general contracting service that gives exhibitors exactly what they want and need, all at the best price and with the most convenience.

Our team of operations professionals works with you right from the beginning of your event planning process. We will help assess your meeting’s needs and objectives, budget and design requirements and event destination. From there, we will source the required services from over 150 of our preferred suppliers across the globe.

What is full service management?

Tradeshow Logic will manage your vendors from RFP to onsite activation. Plus, you will have the option to enlist TL Cares, an integrated customer service team who will facilitate customer orders and provide customer care from one single point of contact. Our ability to source from a multitude of suppliers, our contract negotiation expertise and our experience developing strategic event solutions allow us to not only exceed your service expectations, but also reduce cost while we’re at it. We will find a vendor to make it happen, then handle all of the details for you, so it gets done correctly.

On time and within your budget.

strategic event solutions model


Tradeshow Logic reviews the overall goals and objectives of your event, discusses the breadth and scope of the general contracting requirements, analyzes market variables and determines the requisite budgets and pricing. We don’t begin without this foundational information. 


Tradeshow Logic aggregates your data & feedback and creates & issues your required RFPs. We then review the RFP responses, negotiates pricing, terms, and conditions and selects the official show suppliers. Wouldn’t you like to have these tasks taken care of by us?


Tradeshow Logic will assigned you an Event Manager. This person will become your single point of contact and will coordinate all show management requirements, manage all supplier relations and create the exhibitor manual for your event. Because isn’t your time better spent on other tasks?


Tradeshow Logic will manage all of your pre-show exhibitor ordering through TL Online. Our Client Care Team will actively engage the exhibiting audience to solicit everything from event orders to insurance information and show guides. No detail is too small when it comes to your event.


Tradeshow Logic will act on your behalf to manage all onsite supplier activations and relationships. Our onsite Client Care Team operates an exhibit service desk and will provide a single point of contact for you.


Tradeshow Logic will audit and reconcile all of your supplier invoices and all exhibit orders on behalf of your suppliers. 


Tradeshow Logic will collect and analyze all corresponding data to support budgeting, planning and economic impact decisions future forward. We will develop a detailed post-show report with recommendations and insights to help elevate your next event.