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With our deep roots in general contracting, Tradeshow Logic is the only company with the expertise to help shift old industry paradigms and introduce an operational and financial model for YOUR EVENT which will deliver continuous innovation and exceed exhibitor ROI expectations year after year.

To transform the show services model, we will:

  • Collect and analyze exhibitor usage data from all suppliers – general contractor, official contractors
  • Collect and analyze exhibitor use of Exhibitor Appointed Contractors and outside contractors, understand and evaluate the economic and operational impact and to evaluate their ongoing role and contribution
  • Evaluate exhibitor retail rates and labor costs over past 5+ years to identify trends and identify any excessive increases and/or targeted areas for improvement and/or rate reduction
  • Conduct a competitive retail rate analysis to evaluate EENT rates as compared to the industry and local venue
  • Identify opportunities to significantly reduce exhibitors’ costs & ensure accurate predictability of expenses
  • Identify opportunities t eliminate exhibitors’ greatest pain points and simplify the experience
  • Identify new revenue streams which can support show production
  • Evaluate cost vs improved service implications and build an implementing “EVENT NAME Cares”, a centralized customer service program designed to respond to all exhibitor questions from a single source
  • Identify and implement strategies to cost effectively deliver show floor services to exhibitors, while at the same time providing a never before available level of customer service