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Our Story

In 2000, we launched Tradeshow Logistics, which provided an alternative to the traditional general contracting model and created new revenues for show management. The success of this revolutionary approach created new opportunities to expand our services and support our customers’ needs. Over the years, we expanded the relationship with our customers from logistics services to a consulting partnership. We developed and implemented new operational strategies, created new revenue channels and reduced operational costs.

In 2010, we re-launched as Tradeshow Logic. Our name reflects our diverse services and the strategic contributions we make to our customers’ events.

In the spring of 2019, after 3 years of research Tradeshow Logic introduced a new program, called NAB. It is the result of hundreds of hours of in-depth research, data analysis, exhibitor interviews and service rate re-negotiation carried out by Tradeshow Logic, which helped NAB get to the root of the issues exhibitors were experiencing and then find solutions to create significant, transformative changes.

What went into developing NAB?



We analyzed data as well as did outreach into the exhibitor appointed contractor community contractors. We continually seek  innovative ways to support our customers given their needs and requirements & we were happy to support NAB as they looked for new ways to structure their show.



data analytics

“What we’re still doing now is educating and communicating the new solutions to the exhibitors,” Enright said. “It’s going to take time for exhibitors to see that they’re really achieving the savings and then it’s important for NAB to help them also figure out how to drive the value side of that equation.




NAB show cares wanted to get to the root of some of the “exhibitor pain points”, but they wanted to do that in a truly significant way that would get after some of those things we’ve all come to accept as ‘industry standards’. Tradeshow Logic partnered with NAB in this pursuit.


Vision & Mission

At Tradeshow Logic, we are not bound by the way things have always been done; we are driven by how to do them better. We believe that an empowered team, with a common goal, can redefine an industry and enrich the experience of everyone that participates.

Our mission is to understand what our clients need — and to provide solutions faster, better and more cost effectively than anyone else. We strive to make events easier and more valuable for both organizers and participants.

The Things We Do

A list of eight things we do drives our culture and guides our actions:

  1. Do put our employees first.
  2. Do treat our industry partners like employees.
  3. Do #1 & #2 and our employees and industry partners will put our customers first.
  4. Do dare to be different. Debunk the “tradeshow myths.”
  5. Do seek to provide smart event solutions for our customers, employees and industry partners.
  6. Do use common sense.
  7. Do whatever it takes.
  8. Do believe.

The Anti-Mission Statement

Not so many years ago, we went through a whole year of not selling any new general contracting accounts.  It was a low moment.  Overcoming barriers and staring adversity in the face is how champions are born.  That was when we decided to “cross the line” and get into the show management business, despite the fact that everyone told us that we were creating “channel conflict” and that we were crossing lines that just don’t get crossed in the US.   At the time, it felt like a scary decision.   We were going to have to make a commitment to hire new people, cross-train our current team,  and to spend money that we, frankly, didn’t have.  When I was struggling with the decision, Butch sent me the attached cartoon.  It was his way of telling me to, “Be brave.”

I truly believe that had we chosen to play it safe back then, we’d either be out of business today, or we’d be a very small group of people producing one or two really great accounts with no real future….we’d be somewhere in the cycle of our “planned obsolescence.” Instead, we’ve more than doubled our management fees since then, our show management clients now represent 50% of our overall client base, and we’re breaking new ground, challenging industry paradigms, and helping our clients to achieve event success.

I’ve kept this cartoon for all these years.  I look at it every once in a while, and I’ve shared it with our management team and the overall company more than a few times. Butch has apparently kept this cartoon too.  He sent it to me yesterday and asked, “Should this be our internal “anti-mission statement?”   Over the years, we have had the internal courage to make bold decisions to implement transformational change.  We are helping our clients do the same.

Be brave or die a slow death.  What’s next?

“As an exhibitor, they continue to anticipate my every need and I am very pleased with their services. I wish they were on all my shows”

Laura Taylor

Manager, Meeting and Event Services / Nestle Nutrition

“Our confidence in making tough and bold choices was a direct result of the research conducted, strategic exercise lead by and the outside objectives provided by Tradeshow Solutions.”

Jerry Heppes

CEO / Door and  Hardware Institute

“Our show is now higher quality, more sucessful and more profitable because of Tradmark Logic’s approach.”

Cindy K. Airhart, CAE

Director / American Academy Of Pediatrics